A Breakdown Of The Incredibly Talented Punch Brothers

When I began playing mandolin, a buddy of mine, Brett, informed me that I needed to check out The Punch Brothers music.  Let me first state

Punch Brothers Performing

that I am not sure if listening to their incredible talent motivated me to play more of my mandolin or discouraged me as I don't think I could ever play that well.  It is difficult to classify the genre as to which these phenomenal players can be categorized with.  With elements of Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, and Progressive, I can't think of any "correct" way to say what to call their style.  What I can say is if you enjoy listening to amazing instrumentation and enjoy unique sounding tunes, you absolutely should check out the Punch Brothers.  The group announced in February of 2018 on their own website that they are hard at work on a new album, but they have not currently announced when the album will be released yet.  The following videos are some of my favorite performances from these guys:

Punch Brothers- Rye Whiskey as Performed at a radio station, WNRN

Punch Brothers-My Oh My Performed on Front Row Boston

In dedication of someone who inspired me to pursue my dream to my best of ability that was taken from our family too soon, Barbara Higgins.  She was the biggest Bob Dylan fan you would ever come across.  She would have absolutely loved hearing Chris Thile performing this song by Dylan.  In honor of her, I couldn't resist putting this video on here.  This one is for you!

Chris Thile Performing "Masters Of War" By Bob Dylan

Get all the current Punch Brothers albums below!

Punch (2008)

Antifogmatic (2010)

Who's Feeling Young Now? (2012)

Ahoy! EP (2012)

The Phosphorescent Blues (2015)