Aluxes Artist Spotlight

What do you do on a weekend in the Midwest? Well, you go to see great bands like Aluxes (pronounced ah-loo-shiz).  Aluxes was brought to usAluxes from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and despite any assumptions of Kentucky bands, they are not a bluegrass band performing on front porches.  Though, that would be pretty cool too.  These guys are a post-hardcore band that is quickly grabbing the attention of music lovers in the region.

I was fortunate to get to interview Mark Taylor (not the son of the grunting Tool Man on Home Improvement) about his experience with these guys.  I played in a group with Mark on vocals, and let me tell you, this guy has some pipes on him.  However, he plays bass for Aluxes and provides backup vocals, along with Jack Dickerson on Rhythm Guitar and vocals, Jacob Rickard on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Kohl Arnett on Keyboards and vocals, and Jesse Edwards on Drums.

What You Need To Know About Aluxes

Aluxes currently has one EP that they have released that was released in April of 2018, but they are hard at work to bring us more of these great Aluxes Performingtunes with eyes set to have an album released in 2019.  When asked what's the deal with the titles of the songs on the EP (Ah-Loo-Shiz), Mark replied:

"One thing we like to do is give bogus back stories to songs.  For example, our song Dr. D’Maggio has an actual significant meaning, but I’ll say something like it’s about Joe D’Maggio’s failed attempts at becoming a doctor in medicine.  Jokingly, we have, in naming the song as such, given him that honorary doctorate."

This is but only an example of the personality these gentlemen bring to their shows.  I can tell you from my own experiences of playing in a punk band with Mark, that it was of no surprise to walk outside to hear him singing loudly and proudly "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal.

Must Hear Aluxes Songs

Little Man

The harmonies of the four vocalists in this band, mixed with the driving energy of the drums cutting through, and the dream-like effects of the guitar riffs made this easily a great song that you need to check out!

Dr. D'Maggio

Despite the ridiculous title of the song as stated earlier in this article, this song is intense.  It wastes no time at all as it kicks in immediately delivering you with heartfelt vocal melodies.  As you progress through the song, there is a mix of genre influences to hear that make this song so much fun.

Snow Bird

The That 70's Show camera style pan of this music video is enough to make you mesmerized, but most importantly the song is incredibly catchy and has a killer instrument intensity all through the song that you must hear!

Where To Find Aluxes

You can find these guys on their Instagram and Facebook.  Their Facebook is the best place to follow for upcoming shows to go see.  The link to their iTunes and Spotify are below, but you can also hear these guys on their Bandcamp.