Who is After The Burial?

After The Burial was founded in 2004.  The band is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The original band members of After The Burial were Nick Wellner on vocals, Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe on guitar, Lerichard Foral on bass, and Greg Erickson on drums.  After The Burial released their first album in 2006 titled, Forging A Future Self.  Greg Erickson left the band shortly after the release, and Eric Robles stepped in on drums for a year.  Robles left After The Burial in 2007.  Nick Wellner left the band in 2007, and Grant Luoma joined After The Burial on vocals.  After The Burial released their second album, Rareform, in 2008 on Sumerian Records.  Grant Luoma left the band in 2008, and Anthony Notarmaso joined the band on vocals.  Dan Carle also joined After The Burial in 2008.  In 2010, After The Burial released their third full length album, In Dreams.  The band then released, their fourth full length album, Wolves Within, in 2013.  Justin Lowe left the band in 2015, and passed away shortly after his departure.  After The Burial released their fifth full length album in 2016 titled, Dig Deep.  Lerichard Foral left the band in 2016, and Adrian Oropeza joined After The Burial to play bass.

After The Burial Discography

Forging a Future Self (2006)
Rareform (2008)
In Dreams (2010)
Wolves Within (2013)
Dig Deep (2016)

After The Burial Streaming