Who is American Me?

American Me was formed in 2006, and they are from Portland, Oregon.  The original band members were Tony Tataje, Brian Blade, Cameron Bledsoe, and Aaron Marsh.  Cameron Bledsoe left the band for a year in 2007, and Doug Funny joined to play bass.  Aaron Marsh left for about a year as well in 2007, as Scott Walker joined.  American Me released their first full length album, Heat, in 2008 on Rise Records.  Doug Funny and Scott Walker  both left the band in 2009.  Cameron Bledsoe joined the band again in 2009.  Aaron Marsh also rejoined the band in 2009.  American Me released their second full length album, Siberian Nightmare Machine, in 2009.  Scott Walker left the band in 2011, and Duncan Allen joined to play drums.    American Me released their third full length album, III, in 2012.  Tony Tataje left the band in 2013 but rejoined in 2015.  Joseph Manning joined American Me in 2017 to play bass.

American Me Streaming