Who is Annisokay?

Annisokay is from Germany, and they were formed in 2007.  By the time Annisokay released their first full length album, The Lucid Deam[er], in 2012, the band had many line-up changes.  The line-up for Annisokay at this time was Dave Grunewald on vocals, Philipp Kretzschmar and Christoph Wieczorek on guitar, Simon Sadewasser on bass, and Nico Vaeen on drums.  Simon Sadewasser left Annisokay in 2013, and Nobert Rose joined the band on bass.  Annisokay released their second full length album, Enigmatic Smile, in 2015.  Annisokay then relased their third full length album in 2016 titled, Devil May Care.

Annisokay Streaming