Who is Architects?

Architects was formed in 2004, and they are from Brighton, East Sussex.  The original band members were Matt Johnson on vocals, Tom Searle and Tim Hillier-Brook on guitar, Tim Lucas on bass, and Dan Searle on drums.  Architects released their first full length album in 2006 called, Nightmares.  Tim Lucas left the band in 2006, and he was replaced with Alex Dean on bass.  Matt Johnson left the Architects in 2007, and he was replaced with Sam Carter on vocals.  Architects released their second full length album in 2007 called, Ruin.  They released their third full length album, Hollow Crown, in 2009.  Architects released their fourth full length album, The Here and Now, in 2011.  Through some changes on rhythm guitar after Tim Hillier-Brook left the band, Architects released their fifth full length album, Daybreaker, in 2012.  Morgan Sinclair joined to play guitar for Architects sixth full length album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, in 2014.  Morgan Sinclair left the band, and Adam Christianson joined in 2015.  Architects released their seventh full length album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, in 2016.  Tom Searle passed away in 2016 from skin cancer a the age of 28. Josh Middleton joined in 2017.

Architects Discography

Nightmares (2006)
Ruin (2007)
Hollow Crown (2009)
The Here and Now (2011)
Daybreaker (2012)
Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014)
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016)
Doomsday (Single) (2017)

Architects Streaming