Who is Attack Attack!?

Attack Attack! was formed in 2007, and they are from Westerville, Ohio.  The original band members were Austin Carlile on vocals, Andrew Whiting and Ricky Lortz on guitar, Nick White on bass, and Andrew Wetzel on drums.  Ricky Lortz left the band shortly after, and he was replaced with Johnny Franck on guitar.  Nick White left Attack Attack! in 2007, and was replaced with John Holgado on bass.  The band released their first EP titled, If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords.  In 2008, Attack Attack! released their first full length album titled, Someday Came Suddenly, under Rise Records.  Austin Carlile left the band after this album, and was replaced with Nick Barham on vocals.  He then left the band in 2009.  Attack Attack!  released their second full length album that was Self-Titled in 2010.Johnny Franck left the band in 2010, and Sean Mackowski joined Attack Attack!.  The band released their third studio album in 2012 called, This Means War.  Shomo, Maclowski, and Holgado left the band in 2012, and the band departed fully shortly after.

Attack Attack! Streaming