Who is Attila?

Attila was founded in 2005, and they are from Atlanta, Georgia.  The original band members were Chris "Fronz" Fronzak on vocals, Matt Booth and Kris Wilson on guitar, Sam Halcomb on bass, and Sean Heenan on drums.  Attila released their first album in 2007 titled, Fallacy.  Matt Booth, Kris Wilson, and Sam Halcomb all left the band in 2008.  Chris Luck and Nader Salameh joined Attila on guitars, and Paul Ollinger joined on bass.  Attila released their second album, Soundtrack To A Party, in 2008.  Paul Ollinger left the band in 2011, and Chris Comrie joined on bass. Attila released their third studio album, Rage, in 2010.  Attila released their fourth studio album shortly after called, Outlawed, in 2011.  Chris Comrie left the band in 2012, and Kalan Blehm joined to play bass.  Attila released their fifth studio album, About That Life, in 2013.  Nate Salameh left the band in 2014, and Attila released their sixth studio album, Guilty Pleasure, later that year.  The bands released their seventh studio album, Chaos, in 2016.  Sean Heenan left Attila in 2017.

Attila Streaming