Who is August Burns Red?

August Burns Red was formed in 2003, and they are from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The band released their first EP, Looks Fragile After All, under CI Records in 2004 with Matt Greiner on drums, Jon Hershey on vocals, JB Brubaker on lead guitar, Brent Rambler on rhythm guitar, and Jordan Tuscan on bass.  August Burns Red released their first full length album, Thrill Seeker, in 2005 with Josh McManness on vocals instead of Jon Hershey under Solid State Records.  McManness left the band and was replaced by Jake Luhrs on vocals in 2006.  That same year, Jordan Tuscan left the band, and Dustin Davidson stepped in to play bass.  August Burns Red released their second full length album in 2007 called Messengers.  They released their third full length album, Constellations, in 2009, and their fourth album, Leveler, in 2011.  in 2012, August Burns Red released a Christmas album called, August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill.  The band released sixth full length album in 2013 called Rescue & Restore. In 2014, August Burns Red was signed to Fearless Records, and in 2015 released the album, Found in Far Away Places.  The band released their eighth full length album in 2017 called Phantom Anthem.

August Burns Red Streaming