Who is Bad Religion?

Bad Religion was founded in 1980 and is from Los Angeles, California.  The current band members of Bad Religion are Greg Graffin on vocals, Brett Gurewitz on guitar, Jay Bentley on bass, Brian Baker on guitar, Mike Dimkich on guitar, and Jamie Miller on drums.  Bad Religion has sixteen studio albums to date that include:  How Could Hell Be Any Worse? in 1982, Into The Unknown in 1983, Suffer in 1988, No Control in 1989, Against The Grain in 1990, Generator in 1992,  Recipe For Hate in 1993, Stranger Than Fiction in 1994, The Gray Race in 1996, No Substance in 1998, The New America in 2000, The Process Of Belief in 2002, The Empire Strikes First in 2004, New Maps Of Hell in 2007, The Dissent of Man in 2010, and True North in 2013.

Bad Religion Discography

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