Who is The Black Dahlia Murder?

The Black Dahlia Murder was founded in 2001, and they are from Waterford, Michigan.  The Black Dahlia Murder had many line-up changes before their first full length album was released in 2003 titled, Unhallowed, on Metal Blade Records.  The line-up at this time for The Black Dahlia Murder was Trevor Strnad on vocals, Brian Eschbach and John Kempainen on guitar, David Lock on bass, and Cory Grady on drums.  Cory Grady left The Black Dahlia Murder in 2004, and Zach Gibson joined on drums.  The Black Dahlia Murder released their second full length album, Miasma, in 2005.  David Lock and Zach Gibson both left the band in 2005.  Ryan Williams joined The Black Dahlia Murder on bass, and Pierre Langlois joined on drums.  Pierre Langlois left The Black Dahlia Murder shortly after, and he was replaced with Shannon Lucas on drums.  The Black Dahlia Murder released their third full length album, Nocturnal, in 2007.  John Kempainen left the band, and Ryan Knight stepped in to play guitar in 2009.  The Black Dahlia Murder released their fourth full length album, Deflorate, in 2009.  The band then released their fifth full length album in 2011 titled, Ritual.  Ryan Williams left The Black Dahlia Murder in 2012, and Max Lavelle joined to play bass.  Shannon Lucas also left the band in 2012, and Alan Cassidy stepped in to play drums.  In 2013, The Black Dahlia Murder released their sixth full length album, Everblack.  The band released their seventh full length album, Abysmal, in 2015.  Ryan Knight left the band in 2016, and Brandon Ellis joined to play guitar.  The Black Dahlia Murder  released their eighth full length album, Nightbringers, in 2017.

The Black Dahlia Murder Streaming