Who is Bleeding Through?

Bleeding Through was founded in 1999, and they are from Orange County, California.  The original band members were Brandon Schieppati on vocals, Scott Danough and Javier Van Huss on guitars, Chad Tafolla on bass, and Troy Born on drums. Javier Van Huss left the band that same year.  Chad Tafolla filled in for guitar, and Marc Jackson joined Bleeding Through.  Molly Street joined the band playing keyboards in 2000.  Marc Jackson left Bleeding Through, and Vijay Kumar joined to play bass in 2000.  Bleeding Through released their first full length album, Dust To Ashes, in 2001 on Prime Detective Records.  Chad Tafolla left the band, and Brian Leppke joined Bleeding Through in 2001.  Troy Born parted ways, and Derek Youngsma joined in 2001.  Vijay Kumar also left Bleeding Through, and he was replaced with Ryan Wombacher in 2002.  Bleeding Through released their second full length album, Portrait Of The Goddess, in 2002 on Indecision Records.  Molly Street left the band, and Marta Peterson joined in 2003 on keyboards.  Bleeding Through released their third studio album, This Is Love, This Is Murderous, in 2003 under Trustkill Records.  They released their fourth studio album in 2006 called, The Truth.  Scott Danough left in 2007, and Jona Weinhofen joined Bleeding Through.  They released their fifth studio album, Declaration, in 2008.  Jona Weinhofen left Bleeding through in 2009, and Dave Nussie joined.  Bleeding Through released their sixth studio album that was Self-Titled in 2010 on Rise Records. They released their seventh studio album, The Great Fire, in 2012.  Bleeding Through departed in 2014.


Bleeding Through Streaming