Who is Blessthefall?

Blessthehall was founded in 2004, and they are from Scottsdale, Arizona.  The original band members of Blessthefall were Andrew Barr on vocals, Miles Bergsma and Mike Frisby on guitar, Jared Warth on bass and vocals, and Matt Traynor on drums. Craig Mabbitt joined Blessthefall in 2004, and Andrew Barr left the band in 2005.  Miles Bergsma parted ways in 2005, and Eric Lambert stepped in to play guitar.  Blessthefall released their first full length album, His Last Walk, in 2007.  Craig Mabbitt left the band in 2007.  Beau Bokan joined Blessthefall in 2008.  Blessthefall released their second full length album in 2009, Witness.  Mike Frisby left the band in 2011, and Elliot Gruenberg stepped in to play guitar.  Blessthefall released their third full length album, Awakening, in 2011, their fourth full length album, Hollow Bodies, in 2013, their fifth full length album, To Those Left Behind, in 2015, and their sixth full length album, Hard Feelings, in 2018.  Blessthefall is currently signed to Rise Records.

Blessthefall Streaming