Who is Born of Osiris?

Born Of Osiris was founded in 2003, and they are from Palatine, Illinois. The original band members were Trevor Hurlbert on vocals, Mike Shanahan and Joe Phillips on guitar, Mike Mancebo on keyboards, Austin Krause on bass, and Cameron Losch on drums. Trevor Hurlbert left the band in 2003, and Ronnie Canizaro joined Born Of Osiris on vocals.  Mike Mancebo left the band, and Joe Buras joined on keyboards in 2003.  Joe Phillips left in late 2003, and he was replaced with Joel Negus on guitar in 2004.  Austin Krause left Born Of Osiris in 2004, and Dan Laabs joined on bass.  Mike Shanahan left the band in 2007, and Lee McKinney joined on guitar in 2007.  That same year, Joel Negus and Dan Laabs left Born Of Osiris, and Matt Pantelis joined on guitar.  David Da Rocha joined on bass in 2007.  Matt Pantelis left Born Of Osiris in 2008.  After all of the lineup changes, Born Of Osiris released their first full length album, A Higher Place, in 2009 on Sumerian Records.  Jason Richardson joined on guitar in 2009.  Born Of Osiris released their second full length album, The Discovery, in 2011. Jason Richardson left the band in 2012.  Born Of Osiris released their third full length album, Tomorrow We Die Alive, in 2013.  The band then released their fourth studio album in 2015 titled, Soul Sphere.

Born of Osiris Streaming