Who Is The Browning?

The Browning was founded in 2005 by Jonny Mcbee (From As Blood Runs Black) and originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  By the time the first full length album, Burn This World, was released in 2011, Brian Cravey and Dustin Albright joined on guitar, Jesse Gildewell on bass, and Noah Robertson on drums.  At this point, The Browning was signed to Earache Records.  Brian Carvey left the bend in 2011, and Dustin Albright left in 2012.  Collin Woroniak joined The Browning in 2011, and Drew Ellis joined in 2012.  Drew Ellis switched to playing bass in 2012 when Jesse Glidewell left.  Noah Robertson left The Browning, and Cody Stewart joined in 2012.  The Browning released their second full length album, Hypernova, in 2013.   Alex Maggard joined the band for about a year and left in 2016.  Collin Woroniak and Drew Ellis left the band in 2015.  Brian Moore joined The Browning in 2015 on bass, but quickly switched to guitar when Alex Maggard left.  Rick Lalicker joined on bass in 2016.  The Browning released their third full length album, Isolation, in 2016 on Spinefarm records.

The Browning Streaming