Who is Capture The Crown?

Capture The Crown is from Sydney, Australia.  The band was founded in 2010.  The original band members of Capture The Crown were Jeffrey Wellfare on vocals, Jye Menzies and Blake Ellis on guitar, Kris Sheehan on bass, and Tyler March on drums.  Capture The Crown released their first album in 2012 titled, 'Til Death on Sumerian Records.  Blake Ellis left Capture The Crown in 2013.  Kris Sheehan switched to playing guitar for the band, and Maurice Morfaw joined Capture The Crown to play bass.  In 2014, Capture The Crown released their second full length album, Reign of Terror, on Artery Recordings.  The band also changed their name to Capture.  After many lineup changes, the remaining band members of Capture are Jeffrey Wellfare, Alex Maggard, and Manny Dominick.

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