Who is Carnifex?

Carnifex is from San Diego, California, and they were founded in 2005.  The original band members of Carnifex were Scott Lewis on vocals, Rick James on guitar, Kevin Vargas on bass, and Shawn Cameron on drums.  Rick James left Carnifex in 2006, and Travis Whiting joined briefly until Cory Arford joined the band in 2007.  Kevin Vargas also had left Carnifex in 2006, and Steve McMahon stepped in to play bass.  Carnifex released their first full length album in 2007 titled, Dead In My Arms, on This City Is Burning Records. Steve McMahon left Carnifex in 2007.  Fred Calderon joined the band to play bass, and Ryan Gudmunds also joined the band to play guitar.  Carnifex released their second full length album, The Diseased And The Poisoned, in 2008 on Victory Records.  The band released their third full length album in 2010 titled, Hell Chose Me.  In 2011, Carnifex released their fourth full length album, Until I Feel Nothing.  Ryan Gudmunds left Carnifex in 2012, and Jordan Lockrey joined the band to play guitar. Carnifex released their fifth full length album, Die Without Hope, in 2014 on Nuclear Blast Records.  In 2016, Carnifex released their sixth full length album, Slow Death.

Carnifex Streaming