Who is The Crimson Armada?

The Crimson Armada was founded in 2007 in Ohio.  The original band members were Saud Ahmed and Colin Casto on vocals, Kyle Barrington and Dan Hatfield on guitars, Scott Ulliman on bass, and David Puckett on drums.  The Crimson Armada released their first EP in 2008, called Behold The Architect, that was self released.  Colin Casto left the band later in 2008, along with Kyle Barrington, and Scott Ullman.  Josh Jardim and Chris Yates joined The Crimson Armada.  The band then released their first full length album in 2009 called, Guardians, on Metal Blade Records.   Josh Jardim left the Crimson Armada, and Brandon McMaster joined in 2010 on guitar.  The Crimson Armada released their second full length album in 2011 called, Conviction, on Artery Records.  After numerous lineup changes, The Crimson Armada broke up in 2012.

The Crimson Armada Streaming