Who is Dead By April?

Dead By April was founded in 2007, and they are from Gothernburg, Sweden.  The original band members of Dead By April were Jimmie Strimell on vocals, Pontus Hjelm and Johan Eskilsson on guitar, Henric Carlsson on bass, and Alexander Svenningson on drums.  Johan Eskilsson and Henric Carlsson both left Dead By April, and Johan Olsson and Marcus Wesslen joined the band.  Dead By April released their first full length album that was Self-Titled in 2009.  Johan Olsson left Dead By April.  Zandro Santiago joined the band on vocals.  Dead By April released their second full length album, Incomparable, in 2011.  Jimmie Strimell left Dead By April in 2013, and Christoffer Andersson joined the band on vocals. Dead By April released their third full length album in 2014 titled, Let The World Know.  Alexander Svenningson left Dead By April in 2014, and Marcus Rosell filled his spot on drums.  Zandro Santiago also left the band in 2014.  Dead By April released their fourth full length album, Worlds Collide, in 2017.  Christoffer Andersson left Dead By April in 2017, and Jimmie Strimell rejoined the band on vocals.

Dead By April Streaming