Who is Despised Icon?

Despised Icon was founded in 2002, and the band is from Montreal, Quebec.  The original band members of Despised Icon were Steve Marois and Marie-Helene Landry on vocals, Alex Erian on drums, Eric Jarrin and Yannick St-Amand on guitar, and Sebastian Piche on bass.  Despised Icon released their first full length album in 2002, Consumed By Your Poison, on Galy Records.  Marie-Helene Landry left Despised Icon in 2003.  Alex Erian switched to vocals, and Alex Pelletier joined Despised Icon on drums.  Despised Icon released their second full length album, The Healing Process, in 2005 on Century Media Records. Yannick St-Amand left the band in 2006 and Al Glassman stepped in on guitar.  In 2007, Despised Icon released their third full length album, The Ills Of Modern Man.  Al Glassman left Despised Icon in 2008, and Ben Landerville joined on guitar.  Despised Icon released their fourth full length album, Day Of Mourning, in 2009.  Despised Icon parted ways in 2010, and they got back together in 2014.  Despised Icon released their fifth full length album, Beast, in 2016 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Despised Icon Streaming