Who is Destroy The Runner?

Destroy The Runner was founded in 2004, and they are from San Diego, California.  The original band members of Destroy The Runner were Kyle Setter on vocals, Nick Maldonado and Duane Reed on guitar, and Marc Kohlbry on drums.  Jeremiah Crespo on bass joined Destroy The Runner in 2005 on bass.  Destroy The Runner released their first full length album, Saints, in 2006 on Solid State Records.  Kyle Setter and Jeremiah Crespo both left Destroy The Runner in 2007.  Chad Ackerman joined on vocals, and Tanner Sparks joined on bass.  Destroy The Runner released their second full length album in 2008 on Solid State Records titled, I, Lucifer.  Destroy The Runner parted ways in 2010, and they got back together in 2016 with Kyle Setter, Nick Maldonado, Duane Reed, and MarcKohlbry.

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