Who is Emmure?

Emmure was founded in 2003, and they were formed in New Fairfield, Connecticut. The original lineup of the band was Frankie Palmeri on vocals, Josh Ammermann and Ben Lionetti on guitar, Dan Steindler on bass, and Joe Lionetti on drums.  Josh Ammermann left Emmure shortly after it was formed, and Jesse Ketive joined to play guitar.  Dan Steindler left the band in 2004, and he was replaced by Mark Davis on bass.  Emmure released their first full length album in 2007 titled, Goodbye To The Gallows.  They released their second full length album, The Respect Issue, in 2008.  Ben Lionetti and Joe Lionetti left Emmure in 2009.  Mike Mulholland joined the band to play guitar, and Mike Kaabe joined on drums.  Emmure released their third full length album, Felony, in 2009.  They released another album in 2011 titled, Speaker Of The Dead.  Mike Kaabe left Emmure in 2011, and Mark Castillo joined the band.  Emmure released their fifth full length album, Slave To The Game, in 2012.  Emmure released another album, Eternal Enemies, in 2014.  Mike Castillo left the band in 2014, and Adam Pierce joined on drums.  Jesse Ketive, Mike Mulholland, and Mark Davis left Emmure in 2015.  Josh Travis joined on guitar in 2016, and Phil Lockett stepped in as well that same year on bass.  Aaron Pierce left in 2015, and Josh Miller joined Emmure in 2016.  Emmure released their seventh full length album, Look At Yourself, in 2017.

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