Who is ERRA?

Erra was formed in 2009, and they are from Birmingham, Alabama. The original band members were Garrison Lee on vocals, Jesse Cash and Alan Rigdon on guitar, Adam Hicks on bass, and Alex Ballew on drums.  Erra released two EPs, one in 2009 that was Self-Titled, and one in 2010 titled Andromeda.  The band released their first full length album in 2011 called, Impulse, on Tragic Hero Records.  Adam Hicks stepped away from the band, and Sean Pierce joined Erra on bass in 2012.  Erra released their second full length album titled, Augment, in 2013.  Garrison Lee left the band, and was replaced by Ian Eubanks in 2014 for the release of an EP called, Moments of Clarity, on Sumerian Records.  Eubanks left Erra, and J.T. Cavey joined the band on vocals.  Erra released their third full length album, Drift, in 2016 on Sumerian Records.

ERRA Streaming