Who is Fear Before?

Fear Before, or Fear Before The March Of Flames, was founded in 2002 in Aurora, Colorado. The original lineup was David Marion on vocals, Adam Fisher on guitar and backup vocals, Michael Madruga on bass, and Brandon Proff on drums.  Fear Before released their first full length album, Odd How People Shake, in 2003 on Rise Records.  They released their second full length album, Art Damage, in 2004 on Equal Vision Records.  Fear Before released their third full length album, The Always Open Mouth, in 2006.  Brandon Proff left the band in 2006, and Clayton Holyoak joined to play drums for Fear Before.  Zachary Hutchings joined in 2006 to play rhythm guitar.  Fear Before released their fourth full length album, Fear Before, in 2008.  Zachary Hutchings left the band in 2009.  Fear Before has since went on a hiatus.

Fear Before Streaming