Who is Gwen Stacy?

Gwen Stacy was founded in 2004, and they are from Indianapolis, Indiana.  The original members of Gwen Stacy were  Brent Schindler on bass and vocals, and  T.J Sego on drums.  Chris Suter joined the band in 2004 on guitar and vocals, and Josh Rickard also joined on guitar that same year.  Chris Suter left Gwen Stacy in 2005, and Cole Wallace joined the band for vocals.  Patrick Meadows also stepped in to play guitar that same year.  Gwen Stacy released their first album, ...I Believe In Humility, in 2005, and it was self released.  Josh Rickard left Gwen Stacy in 2006, and he was replaced by  Mike Bryant from 2006 to 2007.  Bobby Oakley joined the band on guitar.  Gwen Stacy released their first full length album, The Life I know, on Ferret Records in 2008.  Bobby Oakley left the band in 2008, and Geoff Jenkins joined Gwen Stacy on vocals.  Gwen Stacy released their second full length album, A Dialogue, in 2009 on Solid State Records.  Matt Strahl joined the band in 2010.  T.J Sego left Gwen Stacy in 2010, and Brett Sibley joined to play drums.  In 2010, Gwen Stacy announced they were departing. 


Gwen Stacy Streaming