Who is Haste The Day?

The metalcore band, Haste The Day, is from Carmel, Indiana, and the band was formed in 2001.  The bands first album was released in 2004, called Burning Bridges on Tooth & Nail Records. The band members on this album were Jimmy Ryan on vocals, Brennan Chaulk and Jason Barnes on guitar, Mike Murphy on bass, and Devin Chaulk on drums.  After one year, Haste The Day released their second studio album in 2005 called When Everything Falls also on Tooth & Nail Records.  The band changed vocalist with Stephen Keech stepping in for their third studio album in 2007, Pressure The Hinges.  Dave Krysl replaced Jason Barnes on guitar for Haste The Day's fourth studio album, Dreamer, on Solid State Records in 2008.  Devin Chaulk left the band and was replaced on drums by Giuseppe Capolupo for the bands fifth studio album, Attack Of The Wolf King in 2011.  Haste The Day announced their breakup in 2010, shortly before Attack Of The Wolf King came out. The band got back together to release an album in 2015 called Coward. 

Haste The Day Streaming