Who is The Human Abstract?

The Human Abstract was founded in 2004, and they are from Los Angeles, California. The original lineup for The Human Abstract was Nick Olaerts on vocals, A.J. Minette and Dean Herrera on guitars, Kenny Arehart on bass, and Brett Powell on drums.  Nick Olaerts left The Human Abstract in 2005, and Nathan Ells joined on vocals.  Brett Powell left the band in 2006, but rejoined in 2007.  The Human Abstract released their first full length album, Nocturne, in 2006 on Hopeless Records.  Kenny Arehart left The Human Abstract in 2006.  He was replaced with Henry Selva briefly until 2007, when Mike Nordeen joined to play bass.  A.J. Minette left The Human Abstract, and Andrew Tapley stepped in to play guitar in 2007.  Sean Leonard joined to play keyboards in 2007 as well.  The Human Abstract released their second full length album, Midheaven, in 2008.  Henry Selva rejoined The Human Abstract in 2008.  Sean Leonard left the band in 2009.  Nathan Ells left the band in 2009, and Travis Richter joined on vocals.   A.J. Minette rejoined the band in 2010.  Andrew Tapley left The Human Abstract in 2011.  The Human Abstract released their third full length album, Digital Veil, in 2011 on E1 Records.

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