Who is I, The Breather?

I, The Breather was formed in 2009, and the band is from Baltimore, Maryland.  The original band members were Shawn Spann on vocals, Justin Huffman and Jered Youngbar on guitar, Armand Jasari on bass, and Morgan Wright on drums.  I, The Breather released their first EP that was Self-Titled in 2009.  The band released their first full length album in 2010 called, These Are My Sins, under Sumerian Records.  Jered Youngbar left the band in 2011, and Chase Kozlowski joined I, The Breather to play guitar.  The band released their second full length album, Truth And Purpose, in 2012.  That same year, Armand Jasari, left the band, and Conor Hesse stepped in to play bass.  Justin Huffman left I, The Breather in 2012, but he was not replaced in the band until 2013, when Kyle Bowman joined the band.  Also in 2013, Morgan Wright left I, The Breather, and Aaron Ovecka joined.  I, The Breather released their third full length album, Life Reaper, in 2014.  Kozlowski and Bowman both left the band in 2014, and Mack Goth joined to play guitar.  I, The Breather departed in 2016.

I, The Breather Streaming