Who is Ice Nine Kills?

Ice Nine Kills was founded in 2006, and they are from Boston Massachusetts.  The original band members were Spencer Charnas on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Schwartz on vocals and guitar, Andrew Justin Smith on bass, and Grant Newsted on drums.  Ice Nine Kills released their first album, Last Chance To Make Amends, in 2006.  Andrew Justin Smith left the band in 2007, and Hobie Boeschenstein joined to play bass.  Hobie Boeschenstein left Ice Nine Kills shortly after he joined, and he was replaced by Dave Marvuglio who also left the band shortly after joining.  Shane Bisnett then joined Ice Nine Kills to play bass.  Jeremy Schwartz and Grant Newsted both left Ice Nine Kills in 2008.  Justin DeBlieck and Justin Morrow both joined to play guitar in 2009.  Ice Nine Kills released their second full length album, Safe Is Just A Shadow, in 2010.  Shane Bisnett left Ice Nine Kills in 2011, and Steve Koch joined from 2011 to 2013.  When Koch left, Justin Morrow switched to playing bass to fill in the spot.  In 2014, Ice Nine Kills released their third studio album, The Predator Becomes The Prey.   Ice Nine Kills released their fourth album, Every Trick In The Book, in 2015.

Ice Nine Kills Streaming