Who is Like Moths To Flames?

Like Moths to Flames is from Columbus, Ohio, and they were formed in 2010. The band was signed to Rise Records and released an EP in 2010 called Sweet Talker with band members: Chris Roetter on vocals, Zach Huston and Aaron Evans on guitar, Aaron Douglas on bass, and Jordan Matz on drums.  Like Moths to Flames released their first full length album, When We Don't Exist, in 2011 with Lance Greenfield on drums, replacing Jordan Matz.  Aaron Douglas left the band, and guitarist Aaron Evans switched to playing bass for the band.  Eli Ford stepped in to replace the empty guitar slot.  Kevin Rutherford stepped in to play drums in 2012.  The band then released their second studio album, An Eye for an Eye, in 2013. Zach Huston left the band in 2014, and the Like Moths to Flames released their third studio album, The Dying Things We Live For, in 2015.  Eli Ford left the band and was replaced by Jeremy Smith on guitar.  Like Moths to Flames released their fourth full length album in 2017 called Dark Divine.

Like Moths To Flames Streaming