Who is Memphis May Fire?

Memphis May Fire was formed in 2006, and they are from Dallas, Texas.  The original band members were Chase Ryan on vocals, Kellen McGregor and Ryan Bentley on guitar, and Tanner Oakes on bass.  The band released their first EP in 2007 with Ryan Dooley on drums that was a Self-Titled album under Trustkill Records.  Chase Ryan left the band, and Matty Mullins stepped into the band in 2008.  Ryan Dooley left Memphis May Fire, and Eric Molesworth joined the band in 2008.  After a couple bass player changes, Cory Elder stepped in to play bass in 2008.  The band released their first full length album, Sleepwalking, in 2009 under Trustkill Records.  Eric Molesworth left the band, and Jake Garland joined Memphis May Fire in 2010.  The band released their second full length album in 2011 titled, The Hollow, under Rise Records.  The band quickly recorded the followup third full length album, Challenger, in 2012.  Anthony Sepe also joined the band in 2012 as Ryan Bentley left the band.  Memphis May Fire released their fourth full length album, Unconditional, in 2014..  They released their fifth album, This Light I Hold, in 2016.  Anthony Sepe left the band in 2017.

Memphis May Fire Streaming