Who is Norma Jean?

Norma Jean was formed in 1997 was originated in Douglasville, Georgia.  The original band members were Josh Scogin on vocals, Scottie Henry and Chris Day on guitar, Josh Swofford on bass, Daniel Davison on drums, and Mich Bailey on programming.  Swofford left Norma Jean, and he was replaced with Josh Doolittle on bass in 2001.  Bailey left the band in 2001.  Norma Jean released their first studio album with Solid State Records in 2002 called, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child. After Josh Scogin left the band in 2002, Brad Norris stepped in for about a year, until Cory Putman joined as the bands vocalist in 2004. Doolittle left Norma Jean, and Jake Schultz joined in 2002 to play bass.  Norma Jean then recorded their second studio album in 2005 titled, O God, the Aftermath.  The band recorded their third studio album in 2006 called, Redeemer.  Daniel Davidson left the band, and he was replaced with Chris Raines on drums in 2007.  In 2008, Norma Jean recorded their fourth studio album called, The Anti Mother.  Norma Jean released their fifth studio album in 2010 called, Meridional, with Razor & Tide Records.  Scottie Henry left the band, and Jeff Hickey stepped in to play guitar in 2011.  Raines left the band, and Clayon Holyoak joined Norma Jean in 2012 to play drums.  The band released their sixth studio album, Wrongdoers, in 2013.  Jake Schultz left, and John Finnegan joined Norma Jean in 2013.  Norma Jean released their seventh studio album in 2016 called, Polar Similar, on Solid State Records.  Chris Day left the band, and Phillip Farris joined Norma Jean to play guitar.

Norma Jean Streaming