Who is Of Mice & Men?

Of Mice & Men was founded in 2009, and originated in Orange County, California.  The original band members were Austin Carlile on vocals, Phil Manansala and Jon Kintz on guitar, Jaxin Hall on bass, and David Valentino Arteaga on drums.  Jon Kintz left the band the same year Of Mice & Men was founded, and he was replaced with Shayley Bourget on guitar.  Of Mice & Men released their first album that was Self-Titled in 2010.  Austin Carlile left the band for awhile in between 2010 and 2011, while Jerry Roush filled in.  Jaxin Hall left the band in 2010, and Dane Poppin played bass for Of Mice & Men until Alan Ashby joined in 2011. When Ashby goined the band on guitar, Shayley Bourget switched to bass.  Of Mice & Men released their second album, The Flood, in 2011. Shayley Bourget left Of Mice & Men in 2012, and Aaron Pauley joined the band on bass.  Of Mice & Men released their third studio album, Restoring Force, in 2014.  The band released another album in 2016 titled, Cold World.  Austin Carlile left Of Mice & Men in 2016.  The band released their fifth studio album, Defy, in 2018.

Of Mice & Men Streaming