Who is Oh, Sleeper?

Oh, Sleeper was founded in 2006 in Fort Worth, Texas.  The original band members were Micah Kinard on vocals, Shane Blay and James Erwin on guitar, Lucas Starr on bass, and Ryan Conley on drums.  Oh, Sleeper released their first full length album, When I Am God, in 2007 on Solid State Records.  Ryan Conley left Oh, Sleeper, and was replaced with Matt Davis on drums.  Oh, Sleeper released their second full length album, Son Of The Morning, in 2009.  Matt Davis left the band in 2010, and Zac Mayfield joined Oh, Sleeper to play drums.  Lucas Starr also left Oh, Sleeper, and Nate Grady joined the band for bass.  Oh, Sleeper released their third full length album, Children of Fire, in 2011.  Jams Erwin left Oh, Sleeper in 2012, and Johno Erickson joined playing bass.  Nate Gradys switched to guitar to fill the empty spot in Oh, Sleeper.  Johno Erickson left the band in 2016, as well as Nate Grady.

Oh, Sleeper Streaming