Who is The Plot In You?

The Plot In Your was founded in 2010 in Hancock County, Ohio.  The original band members of The Plot In You were Landon Tewers on vocals, Josh Childress and Anthony Thoma on guitar, Ethan Yoder on bass, and Cole Worden on drums.  The Plot In You released their first full length album, First Born, in 2011.  Anthony Thoma left the band in 2012, and Derrick Sechrist joined on guitar.  The Plot In You released their second full length album in 2013, Could You Watch Your Children Burn.  Cole Worden left The Plot In You in 2013, and Kevin Rutherford stepped in to play drums.  Derrick Sechrist and Kevin Rutherford both left the band in 2014.  Mathis Arnell joined The Plot In You in 2015 on drums.  They released their third full length album, Happiness In Self Destruction, in 2015.  The Plot In You released their fourth full length album in 2018 called, Dispose.  The Plot In You is currently signed to Fearless Records.

The Plot In You Streaming