Who is The Showdown?

The Showdown was formed in 1999, and they are from Elizabethton, Tennessee.  The original band members of The Showdown were David Bunton on vocals and Josh Childers on guitar.  Shortly after the band was founded, it gained Travis Bailey on guitar, Eric Koruschak on bass, and David Swain on drums.   David Swain left The Showdown in 2003, and Andrew Hall joined on drums.  The Showdown released their first studio album, A Chorus Of Obliteration, in 2004 on Mono Vs Stereo Records.  Andrew Hall left The Showdown in 2006, and AJ Barrette joined to play drums.  The Showdown released their second studio album, Temptation Come My Way, in 2007.  The band released an EP in 2007 titled, Feel Like Hell.  The Showdown released their third full length album, Back Breaker, in 2008 on Solid State Records.  Travis Bailey, Eric Koruschak, and AJ Barrette all left the band in 2009.  Patrick Judge joined The Showdown on guitar, Jeremiah Scott joined on bass, and Timothy Watts joined on drums.  The Showdown released their fourth full length album, Blood In The Gears, in 2010.  Timothy Watts left the band in 2010, and Issac Harris joined The Showdown.  The Showdown disbanded in 2011.


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