Who is Still Remains?

Still Remains was formed in 2002, and they are from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The orignal band members of Still Remains was T.J. Miller, Jordan Whelan and Jordan Gilliam on guitar, Evan Willey on bass, Cameron MacIntosh on drums, and Zach Roth on keyboards.  Jordan Gilliam left Still Remains in 2003, and Steve Schallert filled in until Mike Church joined in 2005.  Cameron MacIntosh left Still Remains in 2004, and A.J. Barrette joined the band.  Still Remains released their first full length album, Of Love And Lunacy, in 2005.  A.J. Barrette left shortly after the release of this band, and was replaced with Adrian Green on drums.  Evan Wiley and Zach Roth both left Still Remains as well, and Steve Hetland and Ben Schauland joined the band.  Still Remains released their second full length album, The Serpent, in 2007.  Still Remains took a hiatus shortly after this release.  They got back together in 2011.  Still Remains released their third full length album, Ceasing To Breathe, in 2013 with T.J. Miller on vocals, Jordan Whelan and Mike Church on guitar, Kenny Polidan on bass, A.J. Barrette on drums, and Zach Roth on keyboards.

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