Who is The Amity Affliction?

The Amity Affliction is from Gympie, Queenland, Australia, and they were formed in 2003.  By the time The Amity Affliction released their first full length album, Severed Tied, in 2008, the band had several line up changes.  The lineup for The Amity Affliction for this album was Joel Birch on vocals, Troy Brady and Chris Burt on guitar, Ahren Stringer on bass guitar, Ryan Burt on drums, and Trad Nathan on keyboards.  Chris Burt left the The Amity Affliction, and he was replaced with Clint Owen Ellis on guitar.  The Amity Affliction released their second full length album, Youngbloods, in 2010.  Clint Owen Ellis left the band, and he was replaced with Imran Siddiqi briefly until Dan Brown joined The Amity Affliction to play guitar in 2012.  Trad Nathan left the band in 2011.  The Amity Affliction released their third full length album in 2012 titled, Chasing Ghosts.  In 2014, the band released their fourth full length album, Let The Ocean Take Me.  Troy Brady left The Amity Affliction in 2013.  The band released their fifth full length album, This Could Be Heartbreak in 2016.  The Amity Affliction is currently signed to Roadrunner Records.

The Amity Affliction Discography

Severed Ties (2008)
Youngbloods (2011)
Chasing Ghosts (2012)
Let The Ocean Take Me (2014)
This Could Be Heartbreak (2016)

The Amity Affliction Streaming