Who is Unearth?

Unearth was formed in 1998, and they are from Boston, Massachusetts.  The original band members were Trevor Phipps on vocals, Buz McGrath and Ken Susi on guitar, Chris Rybicki on bass, and Mike Rudberg on drums.  Unearth released their first full length album, The Stings of Conscience, in 2001.  Chris Rybicki left the band, and John Maggard stepped in to play bass in 2002.  Drummer Mike Rudberg left the band and was replaced by Mike Justian in 2002.  Unearth released their second full length album, The Oncoming Storm, in 2004.  In 2006, the band released their third full length album, III: In the Eyes of Fire.  Mike Justian left Unearth, and was replaced by Derek Kerswill on drums in 2007.  Unearth then released their fourth full length album, The March, in 2008.  In 2011, they released their fifth full length album, Darkness in the Light, as well as a couple drummer changes until Nick Pierce joined in 2012.  John Maggard left Unearth, and Matt DeVries joined in 2012 to play bass.  Unearth released their sixth full length album in 2014 called, Watchers of Rule.  Matt DeVries left the band and was replaced by Chris O'Toole in 2014.

Unearth Streaming