Who is War Of Ages?

War Of Ages was founded in 2002, and they are from Erie, Pennsylvania.  The original band members of War Of Ages was Leroy Hamp on vocals, Steve Brown and Matt Moore on guitar, Nate Owensby on bass, and Rob Kemer on drums.  Matt Moore left War Of Ages in 2004, and Kang Garnic joined briefly until Luke Johnathan Lynch joined in 2005 on guitar.  Nate Owensby and Rob Kerner both left War Of Ages in 2005.  T.J Alford joined on bass, and Alex Hamp joined on drums.  War Of Ages released their first full length album that was Self-Titled in 2005 on Strike First Records.  They released another full length album in 2006 titled, Pride Of The Wicked, on Facedown Records. In 2007, the band released another full length album, Fire From The Tomb.  Luke Jonathan Lynch left the band in 2008, and Brandon Bernatowicz joined on guitar.  In 2008, War Of Ages released their fourth full length album, Arise And Conquer.  The band released their fifth studio album in 2010 titled, Eternal.   Branon Bernatowicz and T.J. Alford both left War Of Ages in 2012.  Mark Randazzo joined to play guitar, and Ryan Tidwell stepped in to play bass.  War Of Ages released their sixth full length album in 2012, Return To Life.  Mark Randazzo left War Of Ages, and Jack Daniels joined to play guitar in 2013.  War Of Ages released their seventh full length album, Supreme Chaos, in 2014.  Ryan Tidwell left the band in 2014, Brendan Hengle joined for awhile until Branon Bernatowicz rejoined the band on bass.  Branon Bernatowicz left War Of Ages in 2017, and Andy Cutrell joined on bass.  Alex Hamp left as well in 2017, and Kaleb Luebchow joined War Of Ages to play drums.  War Of Ages released their eighth full length album, Alpha, in 2017.

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