Who is We Came As Romans?

We Came As Romans was formed in 2005, and they are from Troy, Michigan.  The band was formed by Mark Myatt on vocals, Joshua Moore and Dave Stephens on guitar, Jonny Nabors on bass, and Sean Zelda on drums.  We Came As Romans had many band member changes before their first full length album in 2009, To Plant A Seed.  The album was released on Equal Vision Records, and the band members at this time were Kyle Pavone on vocals, Joshua Moore still on guitar, Lou Cotton on rhythm guitar, Andy Glass on bass, and Eric Choi on drums.  We Came As Romans released their second full length album, Understand What We've Grown  To Be, in 2011.  They followed up with, Tracking Back Roots, in 2013, and a Self-Titled album in 2015.  Eric Choi left the band, and David Puckett joined on drums.  We Came As Romans released their fifth studio album, Cold Like War, in 2017 under SharpTone Records.

We Came As Romans Streaming