Who is Woe, Is Me?

Woe, Is Me was founded in 2009, and they originated in Atlanta, Georgia.  The original band members of Woe, Is Me were Michael Bohn on unclean vocals, Tyler Carter on clean vocals, Tim Sherrill and Kevin Hanson on guitar, Ben Ferris on keyboards, and Austin Thornton on drums.  Woe, Is Me released their first album, Number[s], in 2010 on Rise Records.  Tim Sherrill left the band in 2010, and he was replaced with Geoffrey Higgins briefly until Andrew Paiano joined on guitar.  Tyler Carter left Woe, Is Me in 2011, and Hance Alligood stepped in on clean vocals.  Michael Bohn, Cory Ferris, and Ben Ferris all left Woe, Is Me in 2012.  Brian Medley joined to play bass and Doriano Magliano joined on unclean vocals.  Woe, Is Me released their second album in 2012 titled, Gensi[s].  Austin Thornton left the band, and David Angle joined in 2013.  Woe, Is Me disband later in 2013.

Woe, Is Me Streaming