Best Hard Rock Christmas Album of 2018

If you have found yourself in search of the best hard rock Christmas album of 2018, then look no further than August Burns Red.  Not only is ABR an awesome metal band to listen to on a regular basis, but they also have proven to have some Christmas spirit too.  Now don't get me wrong, I generally am not a fan of Christmas music.  It typically isn't my thing.  However, August Burns Red has some Christmas covers that I am willing to make an exception.  (The following links contain affiliate links.  This means at no additional cost to you nor taking a cut from the band, iTunes pays me if you click through to make a purchase)

The Previous Best Hard Rock Christmas Album

Perhaps you have heard their previous Christmas album, Sleddin' Hill.  This album was released in 2011 and is my go-to album Christmas tunes.  The cover of "Carol Of The Bells" is the best version of the song, in my opinion.  If you don't already own this album, it is a must to check it out!

The 2018 Best Hard Rock Christmas Album

On November 9 of this year (yes, I am a little behind), August Burns Red released their second Christmas album.  This time the album comes in an EP titled Winter Wilderness. If you're looking for some hard rock tunes this Christmas, look no further.

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