Cheap Acoustic Treatment Home Studio

Finding cheap acoustic treatment home studio products is a fairly easy find, but what do you need exactly?  Knowing what you need to make your recordings sound better will not only save you some cash, but will also save you from having unnecessary frustration.  Before discussing what you can purchase to help get a better sound, let's first take a look at what you currently have that you can use in your studio and what the problems might be.

Household Options For Acoustic Treatment

If the room you are recording in does have any kind of acoustic treatment, and your budget is incredibly tight, furniture is the best free option you Cheap Acoustic Treatment Home Studio Ceilingcan have.  Mattresses and couches are your best bet for this.  Make sure the room has plenty of furniture in it to break up the sound.  When recording a guitar amp, I have taken the couch cushions off and made a fort-looking contraption.  I'll be completely honest that this did work pretty well, but it does make you look like a complete amateur.  When you are ready to start looking more professional, that's when it is a good time to start looking for cheap acoustic treatment home studio supplies.  (The following products contain affiliate links.  This means at no additional cost to you, I get paid if you click through and make a purchase)

Cheap Acoustic Treatment Home Studio Options

Bare walls have a lot of echo to them, especially if they are perpendicular.  You do NOT want to have any natural reverb in your mixes.  This will class very poorly with any other type of reverb effect you want to add to your mix.  The ONLY exception to this is if the room has a nice reverb sound and is unanimously distributed.

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Bass traps are very important as low frequencies always get stuck in the corners of the room.  This is a very undesired sound, and these bass traps will help eliminate that from happening.

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A great solution for vocals that is less permanent that wall panels is an isolation shield.  I honestly like using this regardless of the room I am recording in due to vocalists tend to perform better singing into this.  They forget more that they are in a room of people waiting for them to screw up to start over and can just focus on singing their heart out.  I highly suggest using one of these.

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There are many other cheap acoustic treatment home studio products out there as well, but these are the items that we found are the best quality for the price.  If you have any questions still about the cheap acoustic treatment home studio options available or any other recording questions at all, we are always there to help!  We can be contacted through our contact us page found here.