Crash Course: Thrice

Crash Course is a new addition to Black Skye Media, where we'll cover a wide variety of bands from our own perspectives. We will pick 5 songs across a band's discography and share them with you. Consider Crash Course a starters guide on the bands we love and hopefully you'll grow to love them too!

Post-Hardcore outfit Thrice comes electrified and ferocious from the guts of suburbia - Irvine, California. Founded in 1998 Thrice quickly became a mainstay in the scene, crafting driving riffs paired with insightful lyrics and a sense of unrelenting honesty. To date, Thrice has released a whopping 8! studio albums, one of which was a fully fleshed out double album based around the 4 primary elements in Greek esoteric traditions. Additionally, Thrice has released a double disk live album recorded at The House Of Blues and a very impressive Anthology collection. Thrice's latest album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere managed to breakthrough to the mainstream with surprisingly self-aware songs in 2016 showing signs of maturity, not aging.


1) Deadbolt - The Illusion of Saftey, 2002

More often than not, I like my guitars to be played fast and Deadbolt sure delivers.The first 10 seconds of this cut is just a criminal assault on the fretboard. This song, and album as a whole stands out in a sea of Post-Hardcore and influenced the direction of the genre to this day.  Sadly, Hopeless Records has disabled embedding, so jump the link here for a chance to check out their music video.

2) The Melting Point Of Wax - The Artist In The Ambulance, 2003

Before I wax poetic (hahahaha) over this top cut , I'd like to take a second to mention Thrice's release schedule: These dudes released THREE original and identifiable albums in THREE consecutive years, completely bypassing the 'sophomore slump' many artists experience. The Melting Point Of Wax sneaks in at track number 8 bringing us layered guitars with dueling riffs peppering in bringing us a very nice texture with an air of confusion and concern coming through the vocals.

3) Blood On The Sand - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, 2016

Thrice's gift that keeps on giving is their loud-soft-loud format with lyrics that really make you look deeper and consider what's going on. Unlike many bands of decades past, Thrice generally has a obtainable yet poignant idea to share with us. Blood On The Sand lends Kensrue's at times harsh vocals to get the point across, stressing "I'm so sick of it" regarding people forgetting the Golden Rule - "Be excellent to each other."

Daedalus - The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV, 2007

Now we get to the hard part! As mentioned above Thrice took on the monumental task of releasing a double album titled The Alchemy Index featuring four volumes each representing Fire, Water (I & II), Air and Earth (III & IV). Each of these indexes has separate influences both musically and lyrically representing a highly experimental time for Thrice. Daedalus centers around a slow burning guitar and easygoing drumming to set the tone for the story - The Legend of Daedalus and his son Icarus. Kensrue walks us through a father's love for his son by ringing out "Steer clear of the sun, or you'll find yourself in the sea" later pleading with the gods over Icarus' hubris. This is actually the second time Thrice has written about this, as The Melting Point Of Wax mentioned above deals with the same story.

5) Moving Mountains - The Alchemy Index, Vols. III & IV, 2007

Ha! Two mentions from the same album! How is this possible you ask? Well my dear reader, as I mentioned earlier The Alchemy Index is a series of four elements, and while Moving Mountains & Daedalus are from the same track listing, they are born separately. Daedalus represents Air, while Moving Mountains symbolizes Earth.  Coming in at two minutes and 55 seconds, Moving Mountains hits you right in the emotional spot. Vocalist and primary songwriter Dustin Kensrue is by all accounts a man of the Christian Faith, and it is referenced here singing "Moving Mountains ain't no thing to me, I've faith enough to cast them to the sea but I don't know the first thing about love." Aside from the obvious lyrical ties to the Earth concept, the 4th volume of the Alchemy Index features a much more blues tempo that is much more stripped down than the other three entries of The Alchemy Index.


Thanks for reading! I hope I haven't ruffled too many feathers avoiding your favorite Thrice songs. Thrice is currently on tour, be sure to reach to us at Blackskye Media if you're going to catch a show, we'd love to hear what they're currently playing live!

In the meantime, here's a few Thrice music videos!