Dan Auerbach: A Lot More Than A Front Man

While most people know Dan Auerbach as the bluesy front man of Ohio based indie/rock band The Black Keys, but Auerbach has been a very

Dan Auerbach The Arcs

busy man since The Black Keys went on hiatus after the 2014 release of Turn Blue.  Since then, Auerbach has been associated with The Arcs 2015 release of Yours, Dreamily and a second solo release in 2017 titled Waiting on a Song.  If this doesn't sound like enough, Auerbach also opened his label, Easy Eye Sound. Dan Auerbach is also a phenomenal producer and brings out the most unique tones out of artists and has been producing albums since 2007 when he engineered and produced Brimstone Howl's Guts of Steel.  Since 2007, he has produced and co-produced over 30 albums!

I wasn't introduced to Auerbach's art until very late in the game, in 2011.  Up until this point, I had been primarily a fan of metal music.  I have my close friend, Bridget, to thank for getting me to open my ears to the bluesy-fuzz sound.  Since then, she has sent me many bands to check out as a, "If you like that band, you most likely will like this band."  To the bands of the world:  This lady would be an excellent PR choice to spread the music of your band.  Here are five of my favorite albums that Auerbach has produced recommended to me by none other than Bridget Ryan for, "If you enjoy Auerbach's bluesy rock guitar tone, you will most likely enjoy this":

Patrick Sweany: Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone

Hanni El Khatib: Head In The Dirt

Radio Moscow: Radio Moscow

Cage The Elephant: Tell Me I'm Pretty

Hacienda: Shakedown

Hacienda Shakedown