It Grew On Me: Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is MurderAs music fans, we've all experienced something. One thing that's universal among us. That moment when a band or album you thought "meh" about prior suddenly becomes what you're texting your friends to listen to. Put simply: It grew on you. It happens a lot in life. Some people are asshats until you really give them a chance. They grow on you. The same applies for music. Not everything is love at first sight. This brings us to a new series of posts we'll be doing: "It Grew On Me".

With that brilliant preface aside, I can dive into what has recently grown on me (musically, not medically). Let's start by reflecting back on my metal "roots". I preferred bands like As I Lay Dying and Unearth (still do). The whole deathcore scene was a little too metal for me. A little too church-burny. A little too "fuck everyone". As I've grown to the ripe age of 27, I'm finding my music tastes are still pretty well the same as they were ten years ago (hence this website), but I'm opening up to a heavier style of metal. This leads me to the band Thy Art Is Murder. Let's be real, that name alone screams anti-christ, amongs other things. Couple that with their use of the pentagram in their album art... I was turned off. Didn't even give it a chance. So why am I suddenly writing this piece about them?

If you're anything like me, when you're in a certain mood you want music that just hits hard. Something you can blast in the car and love every minute of. Something to get the ol' blood flowing. Recently, it had gotten to the point where my current Spotify metal library just wasn't cutting it. At that point, there was one death metal band that had already won me over: Molotov Solution. Why them? They headlined the first tour the clothing brand Arkaik I was once creative director for circa 2011 sponsored. Bit of sentimental value there. In my usual fashion, I had  a look at the related artists on Spotify. I gave Thy Art Is Murder a chance. My first reaction was not "HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT". No... it was more of a slight build up. A slow clap, if you will. You see, there are many things about deathmetal or deathcore (call it what you will) that turn me off. Number one being the complete lack of structure or quite frankly any form of audible hook to keep you listening--to keep you head banging. Blast beat after blast beat coupled with dying pig squeal vocals never quite did it for me. And to be blunt, I personally don't think it does for anyone--it's all an attempt to be more "metal" than the other guy, but that's a story for another day.

Now having listened to every album Thy Art Is Murder has released, I have to say I have become quite the fan. My personal favorite song is Puppet Master. These guy take a style of metal that typically sounds something like sticking a blender into another blender and hitting "puree" and make it enjoyable. Hell, they make it awesome. Yeah, they have the blast beats, they have the speed picking, they have the darkness one would expect of this style of band--but damn they do it with a sense of of structure and rhythm. Their riffs are audible. That is to say they don't just sound like some muddy shitmess of distortion. Their guitarists are not just some long haired dudes speed picking for the sake of being brutal. No, these riffs stand out and they stand out well. The vocals are, to me, the perfect scream. The kind of scream where you can slightly make out what he's saying, and he DOESN'T sound like he's taking a shit as he does it (you all know the bands I'm referring to). To top it off, the mix on all of their albums is damn near perfect -- the bass hits hard and no one instrument overpowers another. They do everything with a precision that is not very common to the genre. They are currently signed to metal-powerhouse Nuclear Blast.

In summary, yeah... they grew on me.

Check out their video for "Puppet Master" below and pick up their album(s) from Amazon below that.

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