Louder Than Life Dates Announced, NIN Likely Headliner

First of all, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It appears Nine Inch Nails will be headlining Louder Than Life for it's tour this year. Now, in the spirit of proper journalism, I will share with you my highly guestimated opinion.

Louder Than Life made their announcement with a video which I submit to you, dear reader as Exhibit A. Notice how it's only 20 seconds and has a lot of distinct positioning? Well that was the second and third thing I noticed. Spoiler Alert: I'm a huge nerd and I spent a lot of time in 2007 following Nine Inch Nails 'Alternate Reality Game' that was a lead up to their album's release and tied in with the concept overall. What came to mind, was the intro to the track The Great Destroyer that was teased heavily and eventually released on Year Zero later that year.

Now let's look at Exhibit B: A taping of Nine Inch Nails's 2007 tour for the album of this song, played live in Slovakia.


Conclusion: I'm pretty damn sure Nine Inch Nails will be playing at Louder Than Life this year.

While this is about the time of year we expect to hear about Louder Than Life confirming their tour dates, they've stepped it up for 2018. According to Louder Than Life's social media (as of this writing, their website is still showing lineup for 2017) LTL will be expanded to 3 days, spanning September 28, 29 & 30 for 2018!

Black Skye Media will be sure to keep you updated on Louder Than Life's line up, tickets and tips to see Trent Reznor rip!

Exhibit A: Linked from the YouTube page linked by Louder Than Life's official Facebook Account.

Exhibit B, taken from Nine Inch Nails' official Youtube.

Louder Than Life 2018 Announcement