Razor & Tie Joins Fearless Records


Fearless Records. How do I even begin to describe this label and what they've accomplished lately? They seem to be on a path to dominate the rock industry. First they sign August Burns Red. Then they sign Underoath. Next they sign Starset. It's one thing after another, and frankly I'm pretty damn impressed. Color me a big fan of Fearless. They're restoring my faith in the industry as a whole as they continue to grow and sign veteran and new acts alike. They're single handedly keeping this scene alive.

This brings us to their latest move, and the topic of this piece: famous label Razor & Tie is now part of the Fearless family and will operate as an imprint of the label. This tacks on some major acts to their roster including All That Remains and The Pretty Reckless. Read the official statement from Fearless's website below. To the folks at Fearless: keep it up!

Fearless Records is very excited to announce a creative partnership with acclaimed rock music label, Razor & Tie. Under the new venture, New York-based Razor & Tie will operate as an imprint of Fearless Records.

“We are thrilled to bring Razor & Tie into the Fearless fold,” says Bob Becker, Fearless Records President. “The label brings with it its own legacy within the hard rock world, and we’re excited to apply our creative marketing and digital strategy to the legacy the brand has already created. Alongside Fearless’ roster, we’re proud to be bringing new energy into rock, helping usher in a new era for the genre.”

Fully acquired by Concord Music from Razor & Tie founders Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam earlier this year, the label’s roster includes The Pretty Reckless, Red Sun Rising, The Sword, and All That Remains, among many more. In April 2018, Fearless Records officially announced the signing of cinematic rock band, Starset, formerly of Razor & Tie, to the label. While some artists will remain under the Razor & Tie imprint, the partnership will allow the Fearless Records team to expand and utilize their ever-growing brand to bring bigger opportunities for more artists while upholding the legacy of Razor & Tie.

The goal of the new partnership will be to increase Fearless’ reach and footprint, as well as apply the creative marketing synonymous with Fearless into new areas of the rock genre with Razor & Tie.

Source: http://www.fearlessrecords.com/news/razor-tie/