#TBT Anberlin – Blueprints For The Blackmarket

There's a strong argument to be made that in 2000-2005 Tooth & Nail Records reigned supreme, and their vanguard of Alt-Rock Anberlin helped establish that clear lead. Blueprints For The Blackmarket was Anberlin's first full length album, and was received to critical acclaim to good reason - Anberlin managed to create 37 minutes of highly textured guitars, catchy yet meaningful songwriting while showcasing a production team with excellent chops. Tracks like Ready Fuels and Cold War Transmissions hold up today in such a way that most albums are jealous of, and to be completely honest Blueprints stands out as one of my top-10-all-time favorites due to their loud-quiet tendencies and anthemic habits sprinkled throughout the album. I double-dog dare you to listen to Blueprints For The Blackmarket and make it through Glass To The Arson without nodding your head because frankly, if you don't, you're dead inside. It is with a heavy heart that I write the following: As of 2014 Anberlin has dissolved, despite releasing 7 killer albums since 2003.

So here's to you Anberlin, thank you for giving us albums like Blueprints For The Blackmarket and Cities. Expect to see me if there's ever a reunion tour.